Key U. S. Sportsmen's Alliance Victories

National - 34 States Have Passed Families Afield Legislation Since 2004.  Over 600,000 New Sportsmen Have Entered The Field.

National - Trailblazer Adventure Program Has Introduced Over One Million Youth to The Outdoors Since 2001.

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   Top News:

Minnesota Court Denies Request to Halt Wolf Hunt

The Fight Over Western Great Lakes Wolves

Court Grants USSAF Intervention in Wisconsin Wolf Lawsuit

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(By the end of 2012, the anti's will have raised more than $300 million!)

Recruiter with a young hunter

Boosting Hunter Recruitment
Hunter numbers are declining, but Families Afield will help turn the tide. Learn how USSA and its partners are helping a new generation of hunters into the field.

Court Mallot

Courtroom Showdown
Anti's have filed legal challenges in federal courts hoping to make hunting, fishing and trapping extinct.


Protecting Hunting with Hounds
The Sporting Dog Defense Coalition has been called on to protect hunting dog owners' interest across the United States.